High Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science

12:00-13:20, 8 - 19 Temmuz 2024
Dr. Öğr. Gör. Fabio Stroppa, Dr. Öğr. Gör. Mine Saraç Stroppa.

Bu ders tamamen İngilizce'dir. Lise Yaz Okulumuzda diğer dersler Türkçe (ve bir tanesi Fransızca'dır). Başarılı ve üstün başarılı öğrencilere, Türkçe ve İngilizce, Başarı Sertifikası ve Üstün Başarı Sertifikası verilecektir. Üstün Başarılı öğrencilere Türkçe ve/veya İngilizce tavsiye mektubu yazılabilir. Üstün Başarılı öğrenciler asistan olmaya çağrılabilir. Üstün Başarılı öğrenciler araştırma projelerine katılmaya çağrılabilir.

This course is completely in English.  In our Summer School for High School Students, all other courses are in Turkish (except for one other course in French).  To successful and outstandingly successful students, Success Certificate and Outstanding Success Certificate, in English and Turkish, will be given.  To Outstandingly Successful students, recommendation letters, in English and/or in Turkish, may be written.  Outstandingly Successful students may be asked to be Assistants.  Outstandingly Successful students may be invited to join reseach projects.

This course is about understanding high engineering concepts (such as robotics, human-machine interaction, and artificial intelligence) to complex and interdisciplinary problems. Classes are heavily based on discussions – mostly about proposing solutions to these problems, the implications of design choices, and the possible limitations. Students will be presented with the latest state-of-the-art in these fields and encouraged to share opinions and ideas. It will cover basic topics of software engineering, such as: • introduction to numerical basis and algorithms, • optimization and evolutionary computation concepts, • computer vision, • virtual/augmented reality, and • gaming. In addition, it will also cover topics of robotics, such as: • human-robot interaction, • ethics of robotics, • actuator/control design, and • sensing/interaction devices. Grading: • There will be one written exam with open-ended questions each day in class about the content discussed the day before (75%). • The instructors will record students’ level of participation in the discussions (25%).